Avant 225lpg Light And Small Loader For Private Use

Avant 225lpg

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350 kg
25 hp LPG
1,4 m
10 km/h

Light And Small Loader For Private Use

  • Articulated loader – perfect for gardening and ground care
  • Easy to drive and safe to use
  • Most advantageous articulated Avant loader
  • Hydraulic system for professional use
  • Safety canopy and roof as a standard




Length 1910 mm
Width 995 mm
Height (standard wheels) 1880 mm
Weight 700 kg
Standard wheels 20×8.00-10 grass or
20×8.00-10 TR
Drive hydraulics Direct hydrostatic
4 wheel drive with
4 hydraulic motors
Drive speed max. 10 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics oil flow max.
• front outlet (standard) 42 l/min
• rear outlet (option) 7 l/min
Max. lifting height 1400 mm
Max. lift capacity (hydr.) 350 kg
Engine output 25 hp
Fuel LPG


Wheel size Drive speed Pulling force
20×8.00-10 grass 10 km/h 640 kp
20×8.00-10 TR 10 km/h 640 kp





Avant 220 is the most affordable articulated loader from Avant. Avant 200 series loaders maximum speed is 10 km / h.

Despite the small size and lightness, 200-series lifting capacity is noteworthy, about 50% of the loaders own weight. Avant 200 series loader suits perfectly to gardening and green building as well as to smaller construction projects. Due to its small size it also does not require a large storage space and is easy to transfer, for example, between home and cottage.


Avant 200 series small size and easy controllability make this basic loader extremely versatile for many different purposes and location. The machine has enough kick, which ensures the most efficient year-round work. The machine suitable size and easy controllability are emphasized, especially when the machine has a number of not so experienced users. Working safety is a top-notch and the ROPS safety canopy is a standard with the loader. The maintenance items are easily available and the loader is easy to maintain.


Working with Avant 200 series is easy and carefree. Particular attention has been paid into the working comfort and the attachments have been designed to customers needs. Loader increases work efficiency and saves your time. Working with Avant is also time with your family, while having fun with a great team spirit as at the same time doing all work in the garden.


From the total amount of over 150 attachments, nearly 100 attachments are suitable for 200 series loaders. Attachment coupling system is now the same in the new 200 series as in the bigger Avants. And the hydraulic hoses of the attachment are coupled with the multi connector, which guarantees easy connecting with a single hand movement – in all conditions

AVANT attachments have been designed to work as an equal partner on AVANT loaders, following these principles:

Best machine-attachment combination can only be achieved when a good basic machine is fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for this machine. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of AVANT are in perfect balance with the attachments.

Work efficiency of the attachments is of great importance. AVANT attachments have been designed to give maximum output with the combination loader-attachment.

Attachments are designed for hard, continuous professional work.

Special attention has been paid to safety features in attachment design.


Avant-loaders and attachments have been designed for year-round use. Cab options, work light options and technical solutions in the loaders have been made as well to the winter cold as to the summer afternoon. Avants features are therefore very versatile for year-round use. Wide range of attachments will ensure that the machine is not standing without use a large part of the year but that there will be lots of beneficial uses each time of the year.


Compact loader does not always mean low in power. Compared to other same sized articulated loaders, Avant has significantly smaller outer dimensions. This enables excellent visibility from the machine and working in tight spaces. In the rear of this compact loader You really feel that you are on control of the attachment and your working conditions.


Light machine combined with articulation enables driving on sensitive ground without harming it. This saves a lot of time because You wont have to repair damages after Your work is done. It also enables use of the loader as an effective lawn mover.



In the development of all Avant machines the focus has been on excellent visibility. Driver has to see the whole machine; from the front, back and both sides. Same goes to machines equipped with safety canopy as with cabin.

Cabin which is build to the front frame of the machine has an very important role with visibility. It provides the best sight to the attachment and work.The best touch to the work is achieved when the driver is sitting as near to the attachment as possible.


All Avant loaders have rigid articulation joint. This is the single most important factor in helping to achieve the excellent stability in all situations. In addition of articulation joint, center of gravity has been put as low as possible so that the stability of the loader increases.


There is a ROPS-accepted safety canopy as a standard equipment in every 200-series loader.



With nearly 100 attachment Avant is a loader which is very easy and flexible to change into all kinds of works. Changing attachment is very fast and simple. So, with the same loader You can perform all kinds of work just by changing the attachment.


Compact and articulated loader consumes remarkably little fuel and in normal use it is possible to get under 2,5 l/h consumption with 200-series loaders. Due to the articulated structure also the consumption of the tires is minimalistic.


Simple and transparent construction and high quality components reduce significantly the need of maintanance. Low amount of electronics and the use of well-known components reduce the price of maintenance.


Avant loaders have been tested in the colds of Antarktis as well as in the burning heats of Middle East. Strong experience and test in all kinds of working conditions ensure that the loader will last unbreakable in different kinds of heavy duty working conditions and construction areas.



Despite the small size and lightness of the 200-series, the lifting capacity of the loader is noteworthy, about 50% of the weight of the loader. The machine is an agile and powerful and its characteristics are amplified particularly in working in your own yard and in the heavier work. The machine has an absolute advantage in low weight, which ensures gentle movement of sensitive surfaces. The articulated steering makes the machine easy to learn to drive.


Articulated loaders of Avant are very easy to learn to drive. The loader is controlled from the steering wheel and driving forward and backwards happens with two pedals. The machine's compact dimensions facilitate driving, because driver can see the whole machine and attachment while sitting on the driver´s seat. Even if You don´t have any previous experience with driving machines, You can lear to drive Avant with just few hours of practise.


The speed of AVANT 200 series is 10 km/h, which is enough while working in smaller areas or construction site.

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